If you’ve never undertaken a construction project before, it can be hard to know what the process will be like. At Wishbone Construction, there are a few things we do:

Upfront review of plans

The very first thing we do is sit down with our clients and review the plans. We look at every detail to ensure there are no better, faster, more cost effective ways of doing things. There often are.

A common issue facing our clients is the costly conflicts that arise from client desires vs. design and site complexities, or building code compliance and local by-law stipulations. By helping to mould building consent plans at the start, through insightful, innovative yet practical building ideas, we can aid in simplifying plan design and engineering requirements.

This can reduce overall project costs and future Council plan amendments, which then results in improved delivery timeframes and reduced costs for our clients.

Daily on-site management

No matter what stage of the project, we are onsite daily, ensuring the project is going to plan. This means checking all sub contractor work so you don’t have to.

Client reviews

We meet regularly with clients (normally weekly) to review the project and ensure we are on track and within budget. At these meetings we trouble shoot any issues, and talk through any new requirements our clients might have as their project evolves.

Building or renovating a house is an organic process and it’s quite common for clients to have new ideas midway through a project as they see the walls go up. We keep ourselves open and flexible for any developments.

Building to us is fun and we make sure it’s fun for you too.